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and figures to have the team's third down If you forgot that 2016 is a Ryder Cup year, Pit Viper exciters this Sunday in the world of golf was an emphatic smack across the face to remind you. The year started with so much American promise, Fjallraven tote bag so many super talents in their 20s ready to take over the world and turn over the USA Ryder Cup roster. That could very well still happen, but we've certainly hit a lull in recent months.. As is the case every week, I received an overwhelming number of trade questions when I put out the call on Twitter.

Apologies if I didn't get to yours in this space or busch light Crocs (Mama Jocee write an article) on Twitter. Send me another tweet later this week (when my mentions aren't on fire) and Miami Nights Pit Viper I'll try my best to get to as many as possible.