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Welcome to Psyc40 wiki.

Three things to do first:

  1. Create an account and log in (please include your name in your username).
  2. Fool around until you can upload an image and edit comfortably. I recommend trying things out on your user page - click on your username in the top right to go to your user page.
  3. Create a page for your topic. You can create a new page by typing it's new name into the search bar and clicking "Go". You will then be presented with an option to create the new page if it doesn't exist. The first line should read "By Firstname Lastname".

General Rules

  1. Don't mess with other peoples' pages, follow all Dartmouth computing policies (and use common sense).
  2. Please don't modify this particular page.
  3. Use citations where appropriate, in Wikipedia-style footnote format (see here for an example). It's important that we see your sources. The citation itself can be in APA or your standard format of choice; we won't deduct for a missing comma and the like. Please make URLs links.
  4. You may use links to wikipedia pages to define simple terms in-line. I.e. "____ is a type of neural network which ...". Do NOT do this for project-relevant terms which you should be defining yourself.
  5. The length should be the same as a typical mature Wikipedia entry.
  6. Figures are not required, but should be used if they will increase understanding and/or are directly related to your topic.
  7. You do not need to hand in a separate copy of your wiki - we will grade directly off this site. You can continue to build your page from now until the deadline. Editing permissions may be disabled after the deadline.
  8. Choose a topic not already covered (see Special:AllPages for a list of old topics)


Below are examples of well done wiki pages from previous years. You won't get 100% just for matching them, but you'll do quite well. Hopefully, they will give you an idea of what your final submission should look like. I recommend using more references than these examples.

Server Downtime

This wiki may be turned off temporarily between 8am and 9am any day of the week. Please do not edit during this period - we may need to update or reboot the server.

Editing Tips

You will need to create an account and log in to edit - this can be done from the top right of this or any page.

You can edit once logged in by clicking the "Edit" button at the top. ALWAYS KEEP A BACKUP of whatever you enter, perhaps in a word doc. Don't forget that you can upload images by clicking "upload file" in the left navigation bar, then display those images in your page!

This page is a good example of how to format things.

You can see every single page on this wiki (minus user pages) by going here: Special:AllPages and Sound_of_text